Unlock Hope was started with the simple goal of providing 30 refugee girls in Uganda with equal access to education. Six years later this goal was fully realized in May of 2018 when all 30 students graduated high school! Thanks to your purchases we’ve been able to reach this goal and so many more and have made over $135,000.00 in donations! Together we have provided full scholarships for two of these girls to go to college, helped to prevent gun violence, provided support for lgbtq youth, helped fund classroom projects for US teachers and students, helped to reunite families separated by ICE, and so much more. We have fulfilled our mission and now it’s time for something new! We will be back in March with an all new mission, new products and exciting new ways to change the world together! Follow us on Instagram to be the first to hear about our new project when we launch. Thank you so much for your continued support!