Community Solidarity

Community Solidarity's goal is to fight the social, economic and environmental oppressions that are inflicted upon our communities and our planet.  They do this by providing groceries, fresh produce and warm vegan meals to low-income communities.  

Anyone in need of help can come to a Community Solidarity Food Share and get most, if not all, of the groceries they need for the week.

Community Solidarity is the healthiest hunger relief organization in the country! While produce makes up 8% of what average American soup kitchens and food pantries distribute, at Community Solidarity produce makes up 51-76% of what is shared (depending on season). The rest is made up of items like whole grain bread, organic unprocessed grocery items, and perishable items without chemical preservatives. 

Many of the areas they work in are considered food deserts. These are areas where nutritious groceries are unavailable and fast food or junk food items are readily available. As a result, public health problems like diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, ADHD, and cancer are much greater in these communities. By sharing healthy plant-based groceries in these areas Community Solidarity is not just alleviating hunger, they're improving and saving lives.

Food waste is a huge problem; it's even a major contributor to global warming. Ironically, global warming is increasing food insecurity across the planet. Community Solidarity is tackling these problems in the best way they know how. With a large network of volunteers, they work with local supermarkets and farms to rescue perfectly healthy plant-based groceries from the trash. They then share these groceries with tens of thousands of hungry families. 

Help us reach our goal of donating enough money for Community Solidarity to rescue and distribute ONE MILLION POUNDS of plant-based food.  All you have to do is order.  Every purchase counts.

Photos courtesy of Community Solidarity

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